About Us

We Operate Australia’s Best Skilltesters And Claw Machines.

Amuse Australia operates Australia’s best amusement crane machines with guaranteed top income for pubs, clubs and centres, proudly supporting Australian National Sports, the Koala Foundation and Rainforest Rescue.

When you’re looking for a proven, honest and well respected operator of skilltesters, claw machines, redemption machines, boxing machines and other arcade machines and arcadegames, give us a call.

We favour Koalakrane for our redemption machines because of the exclusive, high quality, licenced and branded prizes. This means the best revenue for our venues and the most satisfaction for players. Koalakrane redemption machines are top quality so you as a venue have less hassle and more income. We support our skilltesters by running promotions and prizes throughout the year, including for State of Origin, Grand Finals, Melbourne Cup, Christmas and Easter. Here are just some of the reasons why Australia’s leading venues and organisations choose Amuse Australia:

  • Located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and providing solutions Australia-wide
  • Over 20 years experience in the amusement and entertainment industry
  • We believe we are the fastest growing provider of prize game machines
  • Only the best, most modern and most profitable machines
  • Sound understanding of our customers’ future requirements
  • Exclusive, quality, branded products and prizes
  • Dedicated and highly skilled staff
  • One point of contact and one account to deal with regardless of number of centres or locations
  • Proudly supporting Australian sports, Surf Clubs and wildlife charities
  • Amuse Australia is a family-run business owned and operated in Australia
Amuse Australia

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