AKF Releases New Research – Trees that will save the Koala


Research has shown that Koalas change their preferences seasonally throughout the year. It is therefore important that Koalas have a range of tree species to choose from that reflect seasonal changes and prevent them from having to travel to find species elsewhere and exposing them to other dangers (such as roads, dogs etc). With climate change continuing to be a threat to the survival of the koala, non-endemic species from slightly warmer climates could also be considered as a longer-term option for planting.

It is crucial to plant trees in suitable soils with the right amount of drainage. If a tree is growing in a less than ideal location it will suffer moisture and nutrient stress, and produce chemicals (terpenes, phenols) that discourage koalas from eating them. For example, koalas favour E. tereticornis when it grows on flats with heavier alluvial soils and good moisture availability, but won’t enjoy it in on slopes where nutrients aren’t as readily available.

A list of primary species identified in the AKF’s list are found in this page…