End of Financial Year Finance Deals Available – 100% Tax Write Off Makes You Money Instantly

Attention all pub and club operators. We have some brand new, never used Aussie Games Boxing Machines available. We know these work – we have several across Queensland bringing home easy profits every week for savvy pub and club operators. If you have a lively, happening kind of atmosphere and want a proven crowd pleaser which generates you great profits week in, week out, now’s your chance.
We are prepared to finance these brand new machines to you – INTEREST FREE – so you’re quite safe and start earning money right away.
All payments are fully tax deductible. Upon final payment, you own the machine. Then its 100% profit! These are proven money makers and guaranteed to please. Contact us now to make a deal. Not many are available so first come, first served.
Call me, David, on 0423 953 440. Look forward to hearing from you.

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Koalakrane Amusement Machines

When you’re looking for the best amusement machines to add to your venue, you can do no better than Koalakrane. 


That’s why here at Amuse Australia the majority of our machines are Koalakranes. These proven money-makers and crowd-pleasers keep your patrons playing and your venue busy.

We take care of everything, starting with a siting visit to make sure you get the right size machine with the top performing prizes.

We also have popular pool tables, driving games, boxing machines, arcade tables and others. All proven winners. Our skilled and personable managers live in your area so service is swift and with a smile.

Give me, David, a call on 0423 953 440 or 07 5474 9790 and we’ll help you achieve more profits, more happy patrons.


Are You Running A State of Origin Event At Your Venue?

Bet you and your patrons are all excited about the next State of Origin game? After all, Queensland have to win this one after lulling NSW into a false sense of security!

We have some exclusive, licenced State of Origin Fan Prizes and have reserved one for Queensland’s pubs and clubs with the most enthusiastic State of Origin supporters. Let us know if you’re screening the next game? 

Your patrons would love to win the State of Origin prize we have for you and we’ll also promote your venue on Facebook and Google without charge for you, as a thank you for being one of our State of Origin Event venues.

Please call me on 07 5474 9790 or 0423 953 440. 

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Billiard Tables And Pool Tables In Queensland Are Still Favourite

Billiard Tables Supplied By Amuse Australia Sunshine Beach Queensland Australia

Billiard tables and Pool Tables are still the favourite activities in many Australian pubs and clubs. We’ve been busy of late installing several in Queensland. So if you’re looking for a new billiard table – to delight your patrons, keep them with you for longer AND give you guaranteed, no-hassle extra revenue – give me a call on 0423 953 440 or email david@amuseaustralia.com.


State Of Origin Events

Win Your Own  State Of Origin FanPack! At Queensland’s best pubs and clubs – prizes to be won every day INCLUDING your favourite team player Bobbleheads and Balls PLUS a huge Grand Prize of a “State Of O Fan Pack” Call David on 0423 953 440 to find out how.State_Of_Origin_QLD amusement machines events 07 5474 9790

We used Aussie Games for our last office Christmas Party…

“We used Aussie Games for our last office Christmas Party. The service was excellent, the equipments were delivered and installed on time.  Our staff had a lot of fun playing the Arcade games and punching the  Boxing machine, which enhanced our christmas party.  I highly  recommend Aussie Games for corporate functions, office Christmas parties or parties in general “.

Sangeetha RGA 
Miles Wharton

In Profit?

If my best wines mislike thy taste, And my best service win thy frown, Then tarry not, I bid thee haste; There’s many another Inn in town.” –Thomas Bailey Aldrich

I’m sure we’ve all felt like that occasionally…

For thousands of good ideas and proven answers, the most profitable hospitality venues use www.profitablehospitality.com. You can check out the latest Profitable Hospitality info for 2013, including a lot of FREE info at https://fa104.infusionsoft.com/app/hostedEmail/900749/9fcf0f5f2b64f50f?inf_contact_key=7a5c090a574662f69d79630ebcd40e4ca7a66dedbd43477bdc5ba56f3dfa3548. I recommend signing up for their free emails full of profitable tips and techniques.

In Time For The Start Of The Footie Season

We have a couple of our top-of-the-range Amusement Machines available this week. These unique sporting machines are perfect for both your patrons and your profits – just give us a call on 0414 614 769 (Miles – NSW) or 0423 953 440 (David – Queensland) and we’ll drop in, give you a Free Site Audit and get you all set making hundreds or thousands of extra dollars profit this year.


Rescued From The Receipts!

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” – Maria Robinson

Most of us haven’t managed to keep to all our “new year resolutions” so far this year…

For most people, that includes dealing with paperwork faster. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just stuff all your receipts in an envelope and they would magically appear in your accounts, all ready for the BAS statement and end of year tax accounting? Well, now you can!

There’s a proven way to save you time and keep your accountant happy: join Shoeboxed.com and our friends there will take all your receipts and process them automatically for you, matching to your bank or credit card statements and reporting straight into your accounts system, for instance MYOB. Brilliant!

Shoeboxed saves you hours each week and makes sure you claim every single tax-deductible expense – which might be worth around 50% by the time you factor in GST and other taxes.   If you already have a bookkeeper or accountant, it’s MUCH cheaper to use Shoeboxed instead for their doing this boring data entry – if you do it yourself, you can do something more profitable or fun. Just click here to get started.