Koalakrane Amusement Machines

When you’re looking for the best amusement machines to add to your venue, you can do no better than Koalakrane. 


That’s why here at Amuse Australia the majority of our machines are Koalakranes. These proven money-makers and crowd-pleasers keep your patrons playing and your venue busy.

We take care of everything, starting with a siting visit to make sure you get the right size machine with the top performing prizes.

We also have popular pool tables, driving games, boxing machines, arcade tables and others. All proven winners. Our skilled and personable managers live in your area so service is swift and with a smile.

Give me, David, a call on 0423 953 440 or 07 5474 9790 and we’ll help you achieve more profits, more happy patrons.


Are You Running A State of Origin Event At Your Venue?

Bet you and your patrons are all excited about the next State of Origin game? After all, Queensland have to win this one after lulling NSW into a false sense of security!

We have some exclusive, licenced State of Origin Fan Prizes and have reserved one for Queensland’s pubs and clubs with the most enthusiastic State of Origin supporters. Let us know if you’re screening the next game? 

Your patrons would love to win the State of Origin prize we have for you and we’ll also promote your venue on Facebook and Google without charge for you, as a thank you for being one of our State of Origin Event venues.

Please call me on 07 5474 9790 or 0423 953 440. 

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Billiard Tables And Pool Tables In Queensland Are Still Favourite

Billiard Tables Supplied By Amuse Australia Sunshine Beach Queensland Australia

Billiard tables and Pool Tables are still the favourite activities in many Australian pubs and clubs. We’ve been busy of late installing several in Queensland. So if you’re looking for a new billiard table – to delight your patrons, keep them with you for longer AND give you guaranteed, no-hassle extra revenue – give me a call on 0423 953 440 or email david@amuseaustralia.com.


No-Fail Job Ads: How to Get the Phone Ringing with Good Applicants

According to Our Friends at  Profitable Hospitality:

1618c“Most job ads don’t get the desired response, and leave managers feeling frustrated”

When you’re recruiting, it’s essential to have a ‘marketing mindset’: create an attractive employment offer and sell it. ‘Job packages’ aren’t just for highly paid executives – it’s anything you put together that’s more than just the money.

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Excellent Rostering & Staff Scheduling System with Realtime Costing

Straight from the Profitable Hospitality:

Many operators are still using pen and paper or a spreadsheet to do the rostering – it’s not enough to ttrack costs as they happen and streamline communication with staff.

What’s vital is that the system be online, or accessible from the web, so you or your managers can update information at any time. And it includes real time costing.

The system we currently recommend is >>> FindMyShift, for its simplicity, low cost (a monthly fee not per-person) and the wide range of information it provides. You can test it with a 30 day free trial – what have you got to lose?

Features that will be particularly useful for hospitality operators include…


Profitable Kitchen Management Set – 3 CDs

Profitable Hospitality: Profitable Kitchen Management Training Course

Do your kitchen staff work for you, or do you feel as though it’s the other way around?

Running a profitable kitchen is too important to trust to luck or sheer hard slog. The Profitable Kitchen Manager Set equips you with proven systems to standardise production so that your kitchen works smoothly.

Preparation is on time, ordering is efficient, food costs meet the budget and nothing runs out because of poor planning.  

Check out the full course here…


Using Your Strengths to Boost Sales & Loyalty

Our Friends From Profitable Hospitality’s Daily News Feed:


If you’re tired of all the talk about ‘tough times’ (even if sales are down), let’s focus on the many advantages you have… Whether you’re an independent or part of a chain, check this list of strengths and opportunities. Some may be rusty through lack of use, but most of them can be active within a few days. Winners are flexible, and losers will be waiting (and waiting) for the waves to subside…

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Restaurant Food & Beverage Trends for 2013 – a Review

Our Friends at Profitable Hospitality Talks about Restaurant Food & Beverage Trends for 2013:

There’s no shortage of predictions at the end of each year about what’s ahead. Here are the best of the 2013 trend guides – always useful for new ideas on food, beverages, marketing, customer trends and design changes. . . 

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Retailers urge govt to follow in U.S footsteps

Latest News from RetailBiz.Com.Au -Follow what U.S. Did!

ARA executive director Russell Zimmerman believes it is time for the Australian government to also act on the issue of tax-free online shopping, and says a reduction of the Low Value Imports Threshold (LVIT) would prevent erosion of state GST resources. This lower of the LVIT threshold would also enable the collection of GST on parcels below $1000 as well as from overseas suppliers.

“Reducing the LVIT is a simple and economically beneficial solution which needs to be implemented without delay, and the ARA looks forward to continuing to work alongside the Government to implement a lowering of the threshold which will help Australian retailers remain globally competitive,” he said.

Why Follow U.S. Footsteps?


Omni-channel retailing and affiliate marketing

Scott Allan From RetailBiz.Com.Au Talks about Omni-Channel Retailing and Affiliate Marketing:

The smart retailer with an omni-channel strategy will make sure that each online and offline destination the customer visits is consistent and reflects where the consumer is at in the decision process. This way, the retailer can present the right offer at the right time through the right channel on the right platform.

The rise of the omni-channel retailer has resulted in a new category of consumers known as omni-channel shoppers. Omni-channel shoppers use all of the available online and offline channels simultaneously to conduct research, find the best deal and make their purchases in the way that’s most convenient for them.  Affiliate sites today — fashion sites, blogs, loyalty sites and coupon sites — are a key stop on the path to purchase. 

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