End of Financial Year Finance Deals Available – 100% Tax Write Off Makes You Money Instantly

Attention all pub and club operators. We have some brand new, never used Aussie Games Boxing Machines available. We know these work – we have several across Queensland bringing home easy profits every week for savvy pub and club operators. If you have a lively, happening kind of atmosphere and want a proven crowd pleaser which generates you great profits week in, week out, now’s your chance.
We are prepared to finance these brand new machines to you – INTEREST FREE – so you’re quite safe and start earning money right away.
All payments are fully tax deductible. Upon final payment, you own the machine. Then its 100% profit! These are proven money makers and guaranteed to please. Contact us now to make a deal. Not many are available so first come, first served.
Call me, David, on 0423 953 440. Look forward to hearing from you.

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Koalakrane Amusement Machines

When you’re looking for the best amusement machines to add to your venue, you can do no better than Koalakrane. 


That’s why here at Amuse Australia the majority of our machines are Koalakranes. These proven money-makers and crowd-pleasers keep your patrons playing and your venue busy.

We take care of everything, starting with a siting visit to make sure you get the right size machine with the top performing prizes.

We also have popular pool tables, driving games, boxing machines, arcade tables and others. All proven winners. Our skilled and personable managers live in your area so service is swift and with a smile.

Give me, David, a call on 0423 953 440 or 07 5474 9790 and we’ll help you achieve more profits, more happy patrons.


Are You Running A State of Origin Event At Your Venue?

Bet you and your patrons are all excited about the next State of Origin game? After all, Queensland have to win this one after lulling NSW into a false sense of security!

We have some exclusive, licenced State of Origin Fan Prizes and have reserved one for Queensland’s pubs and clubs with the most enthusiastic State of Origin supporters. Let us know if you’re screening the next game? 

Your patrons would love to win the State of Origin prize we have for you and we’ll also promote your venue on Facebook and Google without charge for you, as a thank you for being one of our State of Origin Event venues.

Please call me on 07 5474 9790 or 0423 953 440. 

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Billiard Tables And Pool Tables In Queensland Are Still Favourite

Billiard Tables Supplied By Amuse Australia Sunshine Beach Queensland Australia

Billiard tables and Pool Tables are still the favourite activities in many Australian pubs and clubs. We’ve been busy of late installing several in Queensland. So if you’re looking for a new billiard table – to delight your patrons, keep them with you for longer AND give you guaranteed, no-hassle extra revenue – give me a call on 0423 953 440 or email david@amuseaustralia.com.


Excellent Rostering & Staff Scheduling System with Realtime Costing

Straight from the Profitable Hospitality:

Many operators are still using pen and paper or a spreadsheet to do the rostering – it’s not enough to ttrack costs as they happen and streamline communication with staff.

What’s vital is that the system be online, or accessible from the web, so you or your managers can update information at any time. And it includes real time costing.

The system we currently recommend is >>> FindMyShift, for its simplicity, low cost (a monthly fee not per-person) and the wide range of information it provides. You can test it with a 30 day free trial – what have you got to lose?

Features that will be particularly useful for hospitality operators include…


American Actress Joins Rainforest Rescue as Sri Lankan Ambassador

American actress Thushari Jayasekera has been invited as an ambassador to Rainforest Rescue’s Sri Lanka Plant a Rainforest Project. Thushari will help create awareness about why it’s important to help protect the natural resources of the Sinharaja Rainforest located in the southwestern region of the island. Thushari decided to take part because she cares about healing the environment as a whole. She has already written some paragraphs as to why she supports the long term preservation of this “hot spot” through Rainforest Rescue’s profile on Global Giving. More here… 

Amuse Australia provides financial support to Rainforest Rescue by planting trees in the Daintree Rainforest and protecting the endangered Cassowary.

In Profit?

If my best wines mislike thy taste, And my best service win thy frown, Then tarry not, I bid thee haste; There’s many another Inn in town.” –Thomas Bailey Aldrich

I’m sure we’ve all felt like that occasionally…

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