Do you have a liquor problem?

Our Friends at The Shout Shares an Interesting Fact About Liquor Problem:


A little over pouring here, a few free beers there, a couple bottles dropped during peak hours or a few keying errors; innocuous as they may seem, these losses can add up to as much as 25% of your bottom line. The right combination of POS, management and surveillance systems can curtail this kind of wastage, improving your bottom line. Vectron POS combines unique PLU free stock management powerful reporting and real time alerts to give you a complete control of your venue operation.

You set up customized alerts, and choose which information is sent to whom. Any variance or no sale alert could be sent to the manager on duty, who can quickly look in to the matter or you could get an email when the cash register reaches its limit. With real time updates, you can keep up with the venue’s operation while at home, on vacation or any other place.

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