From Bundaberg to Brisbane: Examples of Mateship and Fortitude

We’re so impressed with the Australian spirit in helping out all those affected by the dreadful floods. Our manager Marietta in Bundaberg and Peter in Brisbane Ipswich have been busy helping their friends and customers, although some of our machines went under water in the deluge. As soon as the waters have receded, we’ll be back with fully-fixed machines of course. Thanks to everyone who’s been helping.

As if we didn’t know, key to being a true blue Aussie is helping out your mates, according to a new national survey. This is followed by enjoying a beer and a barbeque, with nearly one in four people choosing eating Vegemite as a qualifier – with women preferring Vegemite more often than men (28 per cent to 19 per cent), apparently.

The top characteristics defining an Australia include mateship, friendliness, being laid-back, hard-working, tolerant, accepting and unpretentious, according to the result of 1,000 interviews conducted by research company CoreData in December.

We didn’t need a survey to know that.