How to Boost Your Mid-Week Evening Trade

The key to increasing mid-week trade is to create a special reason to visit.

Not just because the food and drinks are cheap, but because the value is fantastic or we get ‘special treatment’ that’s not available on busy Friday and Saturday. Cheap isn’t hard to find, but Good is rare…

If all you do is shift customers from one day to another, not much has changed; and if you do it by discounting the profit away, what’s the point? The key is to attract new customers, and have the regulars visit more often. And of course the 3 key words for mid-week service are relaxed — friendly — efficient.

Boosting quiet mid-week nights will need new thinking (and effort), not a repetition of the ‘old’ methods that worked in prosperous times:

  • Invite staff, friends and family: employees, their friends and family, plus all your pals. It needs rules and an organised, very generous range of discounts (sufficient to arouse enthusiasm). Now’s the time to give your staff (and those from other restaurants & bars) an opportunity to experience your hospitality at a considerable discount. These will be genuinely new customers, so the real cost to you is only the food and drink. 


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