New Essentials for the Smart Manager

Here’s a timely reminder of the 8 key qualities of a great venue manager, from our friend Ken Burgin at Profitable Hospitality:

  • They are Opportunistic: it’s an attitude – good managers love to find a way to make more sales, get a better price or an improve business efficiency. They move quickly, and have a competitive spirit. 
  • Trouble-Shooter: they can find the root cause of a problem and how to fix it. Sometimes it’s with people, other times with equipment, suppliers or changing market conditions. Either way, a smart manager gets the job done rather than just makes excuses or hides the issue. 
  • Handle Staff Problems With Courage and Skill: when it’s time for the ‘big talk’, the best managers know how to do this discreetly, clearly and in a way that gets results. Sometimes you actually want a staff member to leave, other times to change the way they talk, look, perform or relate to others. There’s often an element of coaching, and a need for self-confidence and people skills. See Reducing Tension Between Kitchen and Front of House and Managing Lazy Staff.

 Here are some of the key qualities…