Quick Ways to Boost Manager Skills

Managers are expected to train others, but what about their own needs?

One-size solutions may work for line staff, but offering options to experienced staff will lead to more enthusiasm and take-up. There are plenty of low-cost options – the training smorgasbord could include:

  • Typing skills and speed – the ‘new basics’ of literacy – plenty of online course.
  • Using spreadsheets to analyse costs and sales – the ‘new basics’ of finance and never more important
  • Advanced use of POS and sales data – do your managers know how to use the best KPIs available? POS salespeople can help here…
  • Understanding financial statements – Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets, Budgets etc
  • Smart web searching: how to do advanced searches to find the most useful information
  • Food photography for chefs (it’s much more than point and flash). Very useful now that there are so many ways to use photos for online promotions. 

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