Koalakrane Amusement Machines

When you’re looking for the best amusement machines to add to your venue, you can do no better than Koalakrane. 


That’s why here at Amuse Australia the majority of our machines are Koalakranes. These proven money-makers and crowd-pleasers keep your patrons playing and your venue busy.

We take care of everything, starting with a siting visit to make sure you get the right size machine with the top performing prizes.

We also have popular pool tables, driving games, boxing machines, arcade tables and others. All proven winners. Our skilled and personable managers live in your area so service is swift and with a smile.

Give me, David, a call on 0423 953 440 or 07 5474 9790 and we’ll help you achieve more profits, more happy patrons.


Using Your Strengths to Boost Sales & Loyalty

Our Friends From Profitable Hospitality’s Daily News Feed:


If you’re tired of all the talk about ‘tough times’ (even if sales are down), let’s focus on the many advantages you have… Whether you’re an independent or part of a chain, check this list of strengths and opportunities. Some may be rusty through lack of use, but most of them can be active within a few days. Winners are flexible, and losers will be waiting (and waiting) for the waves to subside…

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