Campari appoints new Asia Pacific boss

News from the Shout: Gruppo Campari has announced the appointment of Franco Peroni as managing director

Outgoing managing director Enzo Casati has held a number of positions over the past 19 years with Gruppo Campari including managing director of the company’s international business unit prior to his recent position as managing director, Asia Pacific. 

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No-Fail Job Ads: How to Get the Phone Ringing with Good Applicants

According to Our Friends at  Profitable Hospitality:

1618c“Most job ads don’t get the desired response, and leave managers feeling frustrated”

When you’re recruiting, it’s essential to have a ‘marketing mindset’: create an attractive employment offer and sell it. ‘Job packages’ aren’t just for highly paid executives – it’s anything you put together that’s more than just the money.

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AKF Releases New Research – Trees that will save the Koala


Research has shown that Koalas change their preferences seasonally throughout the year. It is therefore important that Koalas have a range of tree species to choose from that reflect seasonal changes and prevent them from having to travel to find species elsewhere and exposing them to other dangers (such as roads, dogs etc). With climate change continuing to be a threat to the survival of the koala, non-endemic species from slightly warmer climates could also be considered as a longer-term option for planting.

It is crucial to plant trees in suitable soils with the right amount of drainage. If a tree is growing in a less than ideal location it will suffer moisture and nutrient stress, and produce chemicals (terpenes, phenols) that discourage koalas from eating them. For example, koalas favour E. tereticornis when it grows on flats with heavier alluvial soils and good moisture availability, but won’t enjoy it in on slopes where nutrients aren’t as readily available.

A list of primary species identified in the AKF’s list are found in this page…


Great Grandchild returns to Koala Beach

Refreshing memories from Save The Koala News

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Koala Beach Estate, just north of Pottsville was developed as a Koala-friendly community, where the people make conscious compromises to their lifestyle so that they can co-exist with wild Koalas. Measures such as no dogs, keeping all the Koalas’ food trees and home range trees, educating the residents to understand and respect the Koala needs, and restricting vehicle speeds were put in place to reserve the Koala numbers in that specific area.

The Koala Beach Estate should be seen as a role model for all communities…

Excellent Rostering & Staff Scheduling System with Realtime Costing

Straight from the Profitable Hospitality:

Many operators are still using pen and paper or a spreadsheet to do the rostering – it’s not enough to ttrack costs as they happen and streamline communication with staff.

What’s vital is that the system be online, or accessible from the web, so you or your managers can update information at any time. And it includes real time costing.

The system we currently recommend is >>> FindMyShift, for its simplicity, low cost (a monthly fee not per-person) and the wide range of information it provides. You can test it with a 30 day free trial – what have you got to lose?

Features that will be particularly useful for hospitality operators include…


Bacardi adds St-Germain to its portfolio

Latest Post By Sacha Delfosse from The Shout:

Bacardi Lion said it plans to continue building on the work St-Germain’s previous local distributor, Vanguard Luxury Brands, has done in making the brand a popular choice for Australian bartenders and top-end on-premise venues.  

“Leading-edge venues provide the key to unlock the true potential of this brand and we will continue to build on the fine work of Vanguard Luxury Brands,” said Bacardi Lion managing director, Colin Rochester.

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ACCC looks into APRA

The Shout News Feed: (ACCC) has issued an invitation for submissions relevant to the application by the Australasian Performing Right Association Ltd (APRA) for a new six-year authorisation.

Music_ShoutThe review process seeks comment and submissions on the public benefits or detriments of APRA’s standard arrangements for the acquisition and licensing of the performing rights in its music repertoire. 

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Profitable Kitchen Management Set – 3 CDs

Profitable Hospitality: Profitable Kitchen Management Training Course

Do your kitchen staff work for you, or do you feel as though it’s the other way around?

Running a profitable kitchen is too important to trust to luck or sheer hard slog. The Profitable Kitchen Manager Set equips you with proven systems to standardise production so that your kitchen works smoothly.

Preparation is on time, ordering is efficient, food costs meet the budget and nothing runs out because of poor planning.  

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