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With over 20 years experience in the amusement and entertainment industry, we have extensively researched ALL of the amusement machines on the market and have chosen only the most durable, quietest, most stable, highest-quality amusement redemption machines available. We guarantee minimum downtime and the maximum return on your floor space.

Having an Amuse Australia machine is completely FREE OF CHARGE. This includes:

Free consultation and site survey


Ongoing maintenance

24 hour support


Guaranteed income

The business model is amazingly simple: we site top machines in top venues on an income-share basis.

No Brainer

We share profits with the venue. So you have a money-making machine for free. In our experience this is a ‘No Brainer’ for any venue that wants to make additional money.

All a venue has to do is provide a small space and the machine does the rest.

Recession Proof

This is one business model which is actually helped by the economic downturn. Firstly, the cost per play is very low i.e. can be played with loose change, and the “reward” for players in these uncertain times is instant and very satisfying. Secondly, venues need to create extra revenue making this opportunity even more attractive.


You are of course looking for the best return on your available space with minimum hassle.

Amuse Australia GUARANTEES to provide you with the top revenue share, giving you valuable extra income with no capital expense or time required.

An Amuse Australia machine entertains your customers with uniquely licenced Official Australian Sporting and Surf Club prizes. We pay full royalties to the Sporting and Surf Clubs. Many of our products are exclusive to us due to the exclusive Licences issued by the Australian Sporting and Surf Clubs.

When you’re looking for the best Amusement Redemption Machines there’s only one choice: Amuse Australia.

Peace of mind

Because of our extensive experience and leading position in the southern hemisphere and in particular in Australia, you can be assured that we have experience in dealing with any problems and are prepared for all eventualities.

We carry stock of all spare parts.

We are constantly researching, developing and improving the machines to ensure the minimum repairs and the maximum profits.

And we will customize the perfect amusement solution for you.

Although there are inferior models available, only Amuse Australia amusement  machines are:

Globally dominating machines

Industry Leader

Unbeatable downtime

Most popular machines with players

Top promotions and extra prizes

Fully Insured

All Amuse Australia machines are fully insured for public and product liability  to $20,000. You can rest assured you are dealing with a highly reputable company fully committed to ongoing professional relationships with all the backing necessary.

Keeping Customers Happy

Our number is on every single machine, so any customer queries come to us not you. We are famous for delighting customers and happy to refund money in the rare event of a machine malfunction.

Taking care of your Corporate Social Responsibility

Many venues and businesses choose to participate in CSR by donating to relevant charities and social causes. Amuse Australia uniquely donates 1% of all revenue to Australian wildlife and environment charities.

Rainforest Rescue – replanting the Daintree Forest and saving the critically endangered Cassowary.
Australian Koala Foundation – working to Save the Koalas in Australia.

We’ll contact you right away to see if you qualify to partner with us. Extra profits, happy patrons, no hassle.

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