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Best in Australia

Best Prizes for Skilltesters, Claw Machines and amusement Machines

Operating Australia’s best amusement crane machines with guaranteed top income for pubs, clubs and centres, proudly supporting Australian Sports.

Click here and we’ll contact you right away to see if you qualify to partner with us. Extra profits, happy patrons, no hassle.

The World’s Top Performing Amusement Machines

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We Operate Australia’s Best Skilltesters And Claw Machines

For Your Venue, Pleasing Your Patrons, Generating You Easy Extra Profits

As the Preferred Supplier for many of the top hotels, clubs and shopping centres, you can imagine that we’re kept busy supplying our top quality Amusement Machines, Games, and Pool Tables. We have a limited number of machines and tables available for your area. We never take on too many venues in one area so our service to you is never jeopardised.

This is why we place a very strict limit on the number of new venues we accept at any time. And it’s why I urge you to contact us quickly to find out how we can help you use industry-leading shared-income amusement machines or tables to make more profits and improve your business. Being quick is the only way to avoid a possible lengthy wait.

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Koalakrane Amusement Machines Franchise For Sale Adult Players

The Best in the Business Guaranteed!

Finally! How to Create Extra Cashflow, More Profits and Happier Customers

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Discover how to easily make the absolute most of your venue, generating more excitement, more revenue and holding onto more of the profits – all without any further capital expenditure.


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Billiard and Pool Tables are still the favourite forms of fun in many hotels, pubs and clubs. Amuse Australia tables are trouble-free, very lucrative for venues and popular for players.

The crane Amusement Machine is the all-time top performing amusement redemption machine.

Players have one goal in mind – to win the prize. For this reason, it’s vital to choose a proven, robust and attractive crane machine with top prizes which are regularly updated with exclusive, highly desirable merchandise.

Amuse Australia meets all these compelling criteria so you can be sure you’re installing the very best crane machine – for your customers’ playing enjoyment AND your profits.

Play to Win machines have successfully operated in Australasia since 2000 and are the most widely operated brand of crane machine in the southern hemisphere, with a proven and successful business model that we are now offering you.

First choice for busy venues seeking extra entertainment and profits at no capital cost – contact us today.

Play to Win Standard

Highest Profits

These crane machines have earned the reputation as the highest earning amusement redemption machines available in Australia and it is easy to see why.
First of all, the game has been designed to attract every type of person to play.

More importantly, the prizes are exclusive and highly desirable. Play to Win machines are the ONLY machines in Australia licenced to vend official Australian balls and sporting merchandise, including

01 Koalakrane Standard


Rugby Union

Rugby World Cup





Surf Club

Full royalties are paid to the Official Australian Sports Clubs and Surf Clubs via the exclusive licences granted to Play to Win machines. If it’s sporting merchandise and it’s not in a Play to Win machine, it’s unauthorised and operating without a Licence.
In addition to the Official Australian sporting balls, team supporter kit, team teddies and lunchbox coolers, new official sporting merchandise is exclusively launched throughout the year, giving your Amuse Australia Play to Win machines unbeatable advantages.
We provide top-quality branded soft toys and seasonal prizes too, so there are new prizes and a variety of robust, durable and attractive machines available to suit every venue.

The Best in the Business Guaranteed

When you install an Amuse Australia amusement machine, you can be confident you are choosing the best in the business. We GUARANTEE to install the most robust, most popular and highest earning machine on the planet.

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7 Reasons to Safely Choose the Best Extra Revenue for Your Venue

An Amuse Australia machine is GUARANTEED to be the most robust, most popular and highest earning machine on the planet.

Your extra income is GUARANTEED with the top rate of revenue-share.

The ONLY operators with Exclusive Licences to vend Official Australian Sporting and Surf Club Balls and Merchandise with full royalties paid.

No cost to you – we install it free of charge.

No work for you – we take care of installation, servicing, banking, paying you weekly or monthly, your choice.

1% of all sales donated to Australian Wildlife charities – from our share of the coin, not yours.

Obligation-free trial – if you don’t like it or change your mind after a few weeks, we simply take it out and you keep your extra profits to your venue success!


"An Aussie Game boxing machine is the top-performing boxing machine you can get in Australia – a great extra income stream and a big hit with players."


“You can never have too much entertainment in a video store. Everyone loves the machine. Thanks Koala Krane.”

We’ll contact you right away to see if you qualify to partner with us. Extra profits, happy patrons, no hassle.

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